A graduate of Milady's Cosmetology Program at Empire Beauty School, formerly The Hair Design School

Leslie Dale Humphrey has recently celebrated 16 years of experience within the beauty industry.

Here’s to raw honesty… Cheers.

I watched in awe, as my focused mother applied her routine of colors on her silk skin before my school time and her work, since the start of my memories. Beginning in elementary school, I brought something like 12 different colored polishes to paint the girls’ nails in my Bulldogs class at recess almost everyday. They picked their shade out of the clear and cartooned, mini-backpack that I carried around for a whole year straight. Whoever didn’t get their turn the day before, came to sit down beside me on the next. Same time, same sidewalk.

It then became hair styles in middle school. I wore amounts of creativity on my bleached head from the inspiration of the 90’s and the new Millennium. I would intertwine strands of hair for everyone who welcomed it, while sitting behind them in class, listening to Mr. Jewell scientifically speak. Then high school brought another freedom on. With myself wearing only the funkiest makeup that my peers loved and begged me to recreate a version on their own face. So I gladly sneaked in the bathroom to do so.

My first job was as a fresh teenager, under-the-table and as a receptionist, booking appointments for a salon. Where I learned and learned. Absorbing ideas of beauty through the variety of ladies walking in and out of the door or the magazines that I collected in my downtime. Tammie was my first idol, her encouragement was at the very start. I began to do the weddings, proms, and homecomings that I didn’t attend, in order to do the hair or makeup for them, starting at 15. I have never stopped observing or applying since all these memories listed. I feel like I breathe this industry. Inhale and exhale.

Production started in my career four and a half years ago. I have gotten to experience and execute some of the greatest opportunities and challenges, while enjoying the ride. Special effects within the hair and makeup fields have blossomed in my craft, as well. Constantly continuing my practice in all areas. I am engulfed in my network of artists, colleagues, friends and friends who have become family, all across the country.

Everywhere I place myself, I feel responsible to teach and guide people into a custom beauty policy to follow. Explaining how beautiful anatomy is when you break it down into simplified parts, and how to care for each person’s with their ideal amount of maintenance. As easy or complex as they would like it to be, I have a formula for everyone.

Simply put, I am thankful to have found where I belong in this world. This is exactly who I am.


Hair, Skin and Beauty Artist, Leslie Dale Humphrey specializes in:




special effects