There is a lot to consider when taking on an on-screen project. Your health and your art alongside of others’ are just a few of them. Attitude is especially important and also maintaining an easy-going spirit, when everything around you is changing. Being such a meaningful part of the results, from the bounce of the lighting, the texture of the skins and the structure of the hairs, it is necessary that those factors are my biggest concern. Taking consideration of the whole environment on screen, trusting my part is balanced with our team of other departments. Checking with monitor the entire time rolling, appreciating the picture that has been created, and staying ready for the next move.

I enjoy what I do, in every realm that I do it. I am aware of the respect given from one peer to another when designing the appropriate looks. My goals are to complement the features on a person, to help supply the confidence and design that is consequential to their performance. Regardless of if it is distressing a face and body or beautifying one. I love taking on challenges, while keeping logic and humor by my side. You can trust that no matter how fast paced your set is, I am glad to keep up.

For Production

There is a joy in every bride's eyes upon first meeting them, that I love to see. It lingers as I listen to you explain your ideal look, while envisioning every step of how I will accomplish it. My technique includes enhancing your face shape and warming your skin tone, to make your unique features stand out in a way that is exclusive to you. You received your DNA from a long history of beautiful people, it should be seen as that.

During our consultation, I will explain the process of how I create your own bridal beauty image. Considering the foundation of where your bones lie, and using the appropriate techniques, to showcase them naturally. We will speak of your ceremony colors and textures you will be using for your day. Between the gown and jewelry that you will be wearing to the decor within the room, we will balance your entire look. You will stand out as being the most important piece of art in the room, as you should feel everyday.

For Bridal

Regardless of if you would like a lesson in skin, hair and makeup artistry, or if you want to create new work for your portfolio, I am happy to be apart of either. I want to share my knowledge and also learn more myself. If we are fortunate enough to have almost every resource at our fingertips, why not utilize them?

For Every Other Creative