For Production

The bounce of the lighting, the texture of the skin and the structure or deconstruction of the hair are just some my priority concerns. Taking consideration of the whole environment on screen, ensuring my part is balanced with the entire picture. Checking the monitor for necessary corrections and staying ready for the next move.

There aren’t many things more exciting than being apart of a production, in my opinion. My goals are to enhance the features for a character ‘s design, to help supply the confidence and aesthetic that adds to their performance. Regardless of if it is bloodying a face, body and hair or beautifying them.


For Event & Bridal

The applications I perform are completely custom to each person — depending on the bones and skin that you were given and the way they want to look on the day of their occassion. I believe since you received your DNA from a long history of unique people, it should show that way in your presence.

The products I use only include the same ones I would use on my own skin (and I’m picky). Between the gown and jewelry that you will be wearing to the decor within the room, your entire look will be balanced accordingly. You will stand out as the most desirable piece of art in the room, effortlessly.


For Every Other Client & Creative

Regardless of if you would like to learn about skin, hair and makeup artistry lessons, or if you want to create new work for a type of goal, I would love to hear about it. I want to be apart of creating things with longevity, things that I won’t get tired of looking at.

Feel free to email me for future discussions and collaborations*